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Great Men of God - Amaresh Karada

Great Men of God - Ameresh Karada

Great Men of God - Suratha Pani
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Amaresh Karada, popularly known as Karada Babu is from Badapada, Gajapati, Odisha. He also spent some time at Gumma, Gajapati, Odisha.

He was a man of faith. He totally surrendered himself to God. He used to give to the poor even in his dire poverty. He is famous both for his charity and miracles he performed with the power of the Lord.

Once Karada Babu and his wife were at home when a beggar came to their house for begging. By the time they just started cooking rice. Upon hearing the voice of the beggar Karada Babu instructed his wife to part the rice from the water for cooking. After parting the rice she was instructed to fry the same to give it to the beggar. So, everything was done as per the instruction of Karada Babu and the beggar went full handed. There are many instances like this and everything will be added in future.

Once Karada Babu had nothing to eat and he sat along with his wife at his house. When asked about fooding in the moment, he told his wife to go and see full of rice on the oven. It is needless to say that, it was instructed by God. Anyhow, when his wife went and saw full of rice set on the oven she was exclaimed althouh she experienced other miracles through him.

Once God wanted Karada Babu go and preach to people the other side of river Bansadhara in Odisha. It was rainy season, so was quite difficult to cross the river because of flood. Anyhow, Karada Babu had faith on God and he thought himself that, if God instructs him to do something, He might have some provisions to accomplish the task. So, upon reaching at the bank he walked across the river and the water even didn’t touch his knees. Everyone present there were so surprised that, later on some of them converted into Christianity (i.e. received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour).

Karada Babu had some message to impart to Parichha Babu (Upendra Parichha) which was instructed by God. So, when Parichha Babu went to him Karada Babu advised Parichha Babu saying “You are to complete many tasks of God. God has choosen you to perform His task…. please come to me… (when Parichha Babu becomes nearer), please come closer to me…(when Parichha Babu become very closer to him) please let your chest touch with mine.. (so he huggs him).

After Karada Babu went to be with the Lord, on the third day people curiously watched on his grave site expecting some observable phenomenon to occur. It is said that, a light went off his grave site towards heaven.

There are numerous miracles performed by Karada Babu and all these things will be added here in future. His love for human being was spectacular.